The “Do” and “Don’t” of presenting Hair Transplant Photos Online for Clinics:-

Apr 10, 2017

There are many persons who spent amount of time on the hair loss forums or researching hair transplant clinics seen what appears to be the helpless class 6 on the scale of hair loss transformed into full head of hair. If anyone consider a hair transplant or in need of a follow up procedure wants … Continue reading The “Do” and “Don’t” of presenting Hair Transplant Photos Online for Clinics:-

Surgeries in hair transplant:-

Mar 20, 2017

Hair transplant surgery includes speciality use of operative techniques to treat a health condition on a patient for an instance area or restores tissues function which helps in improving healthy body functioning, wellbeing and appearance. Surgical procedure is performed by a doctor along with an assistant who provides direct help and applies the area to … Continue reading Surgeries in hair transplant:-

Hair transplant surgery benefits:-

Mar 15, 2017

Hair transplant surgery is changing lives and help people to look younger once again, those people who have lost their hair can now reverse the process through hair transplant surgery. It is the ideal solution for men looking for a more youthful and attractive appearance. A lot of people lose their confidence because of their … Continue reading Hair transplant surgery benefits:-

Hair Transplantation factors:-

Mar 10, 2017

  Risks – There are rare cases of infection or scarring, the major risk is that the grafted area might look the same way what the patients expected it to look. Normal results of hair transplantation will fall out within after few weeks, for that time new will start grow in the grafted sites within … Continue reading Hair Transplantation factors:-