Hair Transplantation factors:-

Mar 10, 2017


Risks – There are rare cases of infection or scarring, the major risk is that the grafted area might look the same way what the patients expected it to look. Normal results of hair transplantation will fall out within after few weeks, for that time new will start grow in the grafted sites within about three months. An average growth of hair is 6-13 per month.

There are major complications of result of hair transplantation are extremely rare. Occasionally, a person may have problems with delayed healing, scarring, infection, rejection of the graft but these are the uncommon. There are several alternatives to hair transplantation the most two common include lotions containing drugs and wigs.

The lotions containing Minoxidil or Finasteride actually grow new hair. This does not occur for all users. The new hair Minoxidil grows is usually only light fuzz on the crown of the head. When Minoxidil treatment is discontinued, the fuzz disappears, in the addition to any hairs that were supposed to die during treatment. In some cases, Finasteride grows thick, strong, long- growing hair on the crown.

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