Surgeries in hair transplant:-

Mar 20, 2017

Hair transplant surgery includes speciality use of operative techniques to treat a health condition on a patient for an instance area or restores tissues function which helps in improving healthy body functioning, wellbeing and appearance. Surgical procedure is performed by a doctor along with an assistant who provides direct help and applies the area to be operated. As a general rule, a procedure involves cutting or closure of wound or in other terms known as suturing or stapling. Typical  hair transplant type of procedure type of procedure is considered as the replacement of a damaged body part by another health. There is a different type of laser surgery uses cutting edge of technology of laser beams or simply involves a laser light for cutting tissue.  In this light beam is used as a target on every small spots and it heats the area to be treated cell that the area until they burst. Laser surgery can be used for cosmetic and medical purposes. The colour of the tissue being treated laser surgery is relatively pain free and a simple procedure.

hair transplant robotic surgery

Robotic surgery is done by a surgical robot under the surgeon’s directions with the help of controls. Robotic surgery is a very modern and advanced type of surgery that uses the separate arms of a robot to help guide a surgical procedure. Robotic surgery is another type of microsurgery where the surgeon performs the operation by way of manipulate and selfish the hands that be in the right place to a robot. The robot is advantageously situated in the operating room for that specific purpose. This new form of treatment centre is new, exciting and cutting edge. Surgery using robots has been used in a number of medical disciplines. Small instruments for treatment are used to operate on patients through a group of incisions that are no larger than a quarter of an inch.


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