Selecting your best hair transplant clinic:-

Apr 08, 2017

As much as one is worried for his hair loss, the receding hair line and bald line and patches do affect  the  personality in an obnoxious way. One middle age bald person loses his self confidence all because of his hereditary condition. But now with the advent of successful hair transplant techniques, gaining back that self-confidence becomes the matter of choice.

Availability of options.

As the technology has become rapidly available, the number of clinics has shot up. At present, there are several clinics that offer that offer hair transplant in Phillaur. Each offer its own advantages, be it lower costs or flexible timings etc. but one should keep in mind to not let these become influencing while deciding the best hair transplant in Phillaur.

Things that matter :-

While searching on Google for the best hair transplant, the factors that should be taken into consideration are the expertise and experience of the surgeon and past record of the treatment center. Surgical treatments include delicate needle work and giving up on a tested surgeon over the matter of cost should be avoided. You can opt to talk to the clinic’s past patients to share their experience.

When deciding the cost:-

There are different charges for different treatments. On average, Follicular Unit Extraction is 20 to 40 rupees for per graft while FUE  that is 35 to 100 per graft. The vast range is due to the facilities offered by different clinics and the experience of surgeon. Going for lower range clinics is best if the past records are okay and satisfactory. At Platinum Hair Center, hair transplant sessions requiring less than 1500 grafts are offered at the cost calculated on per graft basis. For larger hair transplant sessions, a lump sum price is quoted to make the surgery cost effective.

Final choice :-

The last decision on the hair transplant in Phillaur, therefore should taken only after deliberating on the surgeon, the clinic’s past records and the cost carefully. Rushing into the decision at all costs should be avoided, so should be taking advice of individuals other than the past patients.

Hair transplant is a permanent solution to the problem and it is advisable to take as much time as necessary to make the perfect choice.


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