Facial Hair Transplant

The facial hair transplant can be addressed as a permanent and easy solution to facial bald patches. It is a blessing for men who lack hair density & fullness in the beard. This treatment demands specialists as in this procedure scalp hair serves the purpose of donating region. The platinum hair centre specializes in FUE and linear strip surgery, the common method that suits most of the cases is FUE technique in the surgery follicular grafts are harvested from the back area of the scalp and re-implanted in the necessary facial region. 2 Out of 5 men face struggle to grow a full beard and have patchy spots or areas with less hair density, here are the major reasons behind it.

Prior electrolysis
Trauma due to surgery
Unfortunate accident

Similar to traditional hair restoration facial hair transplant includes harvesting of hair from posterior. The hair that grows at the back of the head are best suitable for beard or moustache as the texture is quite identical and offers a natural look in the results. After the transplant the newly implanted grafts will grow normally like natural beard does hence clients must take good care of them. Just to ensure most natural looking hair implants our surgeon are laced with the state of art technology to harvest

microscopically dissected grafts. At platinum hair centre we help you in having either a full beard or a perfectly shaped goatee at appropriate angle to mimic natural hair growth. Decades of experience have taught us that every client comes with lots of desires and our experts always work their way out to achieve their satisfaction level with the best possible results. Depending on how much density or thickness client wish to have facial hair restoration includes 200 to 2,200 grafts. With effective sedatives we keep the treatment painless.
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