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Woman’s Hair Fall Affair

Feb 03, 2018

Rising baldness and research done on hair transplant has convinced the surgeries viability and efficacy. But here we describe the reason when woman with shiny, beautiful and healthy hair loses its crowning glory. The faces of woman having hair showing a symbol of femininity and priceless asset is the proud of her. But all over … Continue reading Woman’s Hair Fall Affair

Hair Transplant Cost – Get the Best Hair Transplant Prices

Nov 14, 2017

Hair transplant cost is determined by a wide variety of factors. Hair transplant costs depend upon the hair restoration surgeon’s experience, technique, and location. While the price of your hair restoration isn’t the most important consideration when you’re choosing where to have your hair transplantation performed, it is a significant financial investment. Hair transplant cost … Continue reading Hair Transplant Cost – Get the Best Hair Transplant Prices

What Causes Hair Loss?

Oct 23, 2017

Hair plays a significant part in the overall appearance of a person. However, the excessive shedding of hair leads to the condition of baldness and can create a lot of stress and mental health problems in people who face the problem of loss at an abnormal rate. So what Causes Hair Loss? Losing your hair … Continue reading What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss solutions

Sep 30, 2017

Everyone has to deal with losing hair just as a part of life. It becomes more probable after some illness or certain age. Hair loss might appear as severe conditions like pattern baldness or alopecia. If you are experiencing gradual hair fall that this may happen to you. Learn to abort or prevent shedding of … Continue reading Hair loss solutions

Review hair transplantation

Aug 21, 2017

Whatever the cause of hair loss, people generally associate hair loss with low self esteem which can further lead to feeling of insecurity, annoyance and ultimately depression. Think of how prematurely thinning hair can affect one’s confidence and start losing hair at 25 is too early that this experience can be really traumatic for many. … Continue reading Review hair transplantation

Hair loss treatment in India

Aug 14, 2017

Hair Transplant is highly developed technology of hair loss solutions. It is consistently gaining recognition worldwide. Platinum Hair Transplant is one of the premier HT center in India. It is providing Hair Transplant at the most cost effective rates. It is serving its customers with the most advanced surgical treatment to prevent hair loss. This … Continue reading Hair loss treatment in India

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