Hair Loss

Hair loss can have a dramatic effect on your appearance and confidence. This is a very common issue and 4 out of 10 people are suffering from it. Hair loss primary causes are hormonal imbalance, psychological stress and if you are looking forward to have a permanent solution to this self-esteem sucking problem then we would like to step forward. At platinum hair centre, we create individualized programs with our modern technology that not only addresses the cause of hair loss but provide safe & effective solution.

Male Pattern Baldness
Male hair loss pattern mostly related to male sex hormones and genes. Generally it starts with a receding hairline and thinning of hair on the crown. Each hair strand grows from the follicle and baldness occurs due to shrinking of the follicle and after a few period of time, hair starts to thin, eventually the follicle stops growing new hair.

At the initial level of male pattern baldness the hair line moves back forming “M” shape and with the passage of time hair becomes shorter, thinner and damaged creating a U-shaped pattern.

Fe-male Pattern Baldness
The damage of follicle results in hair thinning, shortening, and eventually new hair stops growing, but follicle stays alive, which means there is still a chance of growing new hair. There are two major reasons behind female pattern baldness aging and changes in the levels of androgens.

Female hair thinning is different from male pattern baldness:- Hair fall starts from the top of the head and starts widening from there. Hair loss doesn’t affect the hair line but it does in men case. In general cases Itching on the scalp not found. Hair loss does not progress to baldness or nearly baldness.

We understand the fact that your treatment should be unique to you, you will be having a meeting with our surgeons who will understand your problem, its cause and enlighten you with the best possible solution. Regardless of what treatment you choose, our aim will always be delivering satisfactory results on a permanent basis, act before its too late.

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