The “Do” and “Don’t” of presenting Hair Transplant Photos Online for Clinics:-

Apr 10, 2017

There are many persons who spent amount of time on the hair loss forums or researching hair transplant clinics seen what appears to be the helpless class 6 on the scale of hair loss transformed into full head of hair. If anyone consider a hair transplant or in need of a follow up procedure wants to believe that if there is hope for this seemingly destitute case, then their own expectations become all more reasonably achievable.

If you are lucky you can find transplant cases that have been documented by the patient or on a clinics website with well taken photos or videos over the time. As someone who fell victim to the before and after the infomercials of decades past. I have personally adept consistently questioning and scrutinising hair transplant images and they don’t show the multiple angles of the scalp before and after surgery found online today.

Taking fair before and after hair transplant videos today is neither expensive nor technically challenging. By following a simple common sense guideline, there is no reason for any clinic to ethically question about neither the value of their work nor what hair transplantation cannot realistically achieve. Photos and video are great, but there are many other considerations that need to be taken in to account before making the life changing decision to have a hair transplant. Thankfully in today’s market place we have various research tools including our hair restoration organizations that provide plethora of information and recommendations to help educate and hopefully provide direction for those individuals willing to do the research and ultimately deciding to “take the plunge”.


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