How we can design our eyebrows after hair restoration

Mar 30, 2017

There are many reasons for the eye restoration as you have thin eyebrows from your birth or plucked or waxed your brows into oblivion a few decades ago, you can counteract the damage with a transplant! Just same as hair transplant can restore hair you brow. You can have the procedure performed on one or both brows, depending on the level of damage done. The surgery isn’t only useful for people who want to get in on the current trend of thicker brows. It can also help people who are missing all or part of their brows due to scarring or injury. If you do have an eyebrow transplant, there is one thing you should have to understand you may have to change the way you care and style the brows the hair transplanted to the eyebrows area isn’t the same as naturally occurring brow hair. It means that you have to take more care than before.

As with the hair transplant, the results from an eyebrow transplant aren’t instantly visible. During the surgery, the doctor will transplant anywhere from 50 to 600 grafts depending on how voluminous you want your brows to be and how sparse your brows currently are. The average procedure uses between 50 and 350 grafts. A layer of crusting will usually form hairs after the procedure, but it should fade away after few days, as should any sign of redness and swelling. The other thing for getting your hair to behave is up to you. You can trim hairs of your eyebrow hair to behave is up to you. If you are nervous then you can go to personal stylish that can design but you can’t pluck after treatment as your surgeon recommend you for wait. If you do over-pluck up the tweezers, you want to be very careful not to be pluck.

Once your transplant hair grows then you can style them in your own way. It means you can use a brow comb to make the eyebrows look less unruly and can carefully pluck any stray hairs. You can also use a brow pencil to fill in area.

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