Managing Hair Problems

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Hair is jewelry, it is an accessory, and losing it upsets anyone if the following things happen;


The most common hair problem is dandruff or dead skin flakes that are easily noticeable especially on the shoulder clothing an individual. The cause of dandruff is although not perfectly known, but according to studies it happens due to fungus presence or an irritation.

Dandruff is not contagious or dangerous. And to counter dandruff attack, use shampoos containing salicylic acid, zinc, tars, or selenium sulfide that can reduce the amount of flakes. While shampooing, massaging the scalp instead of scratching for at least 5 minutes, it helps loosen the flakes with the fingers. Rinse the hair well upon washing. If the dandruff still stays then see a doctor. The doctor would prescribe a shampoo or a lotion or liquid to help fight the scalp problem.

Breaking of Hair 

When points in the hair weakens or thickens, the hair breaks. Sometimes the hair breaks near the scalp, and this makes a person’s hair never to grow long again. The split end happens, when hairs break at the ends which travel up the hair shaft.

Hair breakage also occurs due to improper use of chemical hair treatments, as per the treatments said above. Also combing the hair too frequently or in the wrong way over your thick, curly or teasing hair, it can cause breakage on them. Hair braids and extensions also act a breakage reason. Leaving them for too long or taking them out on your own without any professional help results in scalp damage or may even cause hair loss. Medical problems like hypothyroidism or an eating disorder can also lead to hair breakage. If normally your hair is breaking even though no chemicals or styling products are used, then see a doctor for reason.

Alopecia or Hair Loss 

Everyone loses some hair and everyday about 100 hairs fall out which are replaced by new ones. But hair loss, when the hair thins at an increasing rate, then that hair cannot be replaced. When hair falls out continuously then that person becomes bald or has bald patches on the head.

Depending on the cause, hair loss can be permanent or temporary. If hairstyle change or any other medication does not help, then go visit Hair Transplant Banga for successful results. As they may prescribe a drug to slow down or stop the loss of hair. Also as hair is healthiest part of our body like other body parts, protect them from too much sun, as hair follicles when damaged, it can affect the health of your hair.

People have been too much bothered by hair fall problems who also got no good results from previous treatments, but one such step to success over this bothersome is at Hair Transplant Banga, which has over the years brought back the same natural confidence in people which got lost out just like their hair.

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