Body Hair Transplant

In traditional hair transplant procedure scalp hair are used for the procedure but in some cases patent’s donor area is incapable of donating hair due to fewer grafts or poor hair quality and this is where body hair transplantation (BHT) comes in as a new incorporation to hair transplant procedure. In this latest technique other parts of the body can be taken into the consideration for head hair transplant, which allows individuals with exhausted scalp to have a traditional hair transplant.
In this procedure donating body hair regions are beard, armpits, abdomen, back, chest, forearms, beard, legs/thighs, and pubis. You can also consult our doctors before the procedure to remove hair from unwanted area and transplant them to the most needed region. Mostly body hair transplant is usually done through the FUE procedure as it leaves no scars post-surgery.

Why BHT?
Body hair transplant could be a blessing for patients who have a weak donor area as the hair transplant procedure demands enrich grafts, but if the donating area is suffering from the thin hair problem the compromise can be visibly seen in the results. At Platinum hair care we utilize special instruments to eliminate any chances of visible linear scars in areas of extraction left after surgery.

Important Things to consider Before in BHT
The experience of the BHT surgeon should be superior as the body hair are quite different than scalp hair. As said above because body hair texture and direction is dissimilar to the head hair, hence the procedure demands expert pair of hands to mix body hair with the scalp. In BHT appropriate extraction of donor hairs, storage, hydration and transplant demands serious tools and proficiency. Poor approach and inappropriate technique may damage the grafts hence compromise in results.
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