Eye Brow Restoration

Eyebrows play a vital role in making the appearance of the facial appearance of men and women, yet still get most of the ignorance. A person without eyebrows may not only lose his or her self-esteem but confidence as well as. These frames of eyes are the important aspect of facial symmetry.

Eyebrows lose their natural appearance by:
Congenital Causes
Radiation or Chemotherapy Trauma-burns
Normal Aging process
Medical or Systemic Disease

To Restore That Natural Looking Eyebrows It Takes Real Set Of Skills That We Possess
In eyebrow restoration procedure a surgeon transplant hair from a small area above the ear to the eyebrow region, this whole process takes approximately 2-3 hours.

Eyebrow Restoration Equals to Art plus Medical Science
Eyebrow restoration is a very sophisticated procedure where artistry is involved here your facial expressions, appearance, face type and your desire plays a very vital role. An experienced surgeon considers the shape of eyebrow, thickness of hair, space between left and right eyebrows and last but not least length.

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