I feel the treatment done by Platinum Hair Centre was a great without pain. I had surgery done two days before. I was nervous before going to the treatment whether I go for surgery or not. But after treatment I will recommend you all for going there as it is going to give us new look. Of course coming to results i have to wait for two three months and for proper results i have to wait for nine months. I am gratefully thankful to the doctor and the staff who has taken the care of the patient with utmost care.
Balaji B.

I had a transplant done for app. 3000 grafts on June 30th 2009. Seven months from the operation I am really feeling very happy. I have actually stopped worrying about hair loss because I know that Platinum Hair Centre hospital is there to attend to my problem. The staffs at the centre are very kind and helpful. I am so confident and satisfied about the place that I am advising some of my friends and relatives to visit the centre. Finally I would like to wish Platinum Hair Centre a very good & prosperous future and hope that many people like me who have suffered may receive help & guidance from you.
Sujay Kumar

I was losing my hair daily at fast pace. I used to try many shampoos many medicines but nothing seems to be useful to control hair loss. At one time using wig became necessity for me. I was using wig or hair piece for me. At one time I was fed up with this and wanted to seek a solution for my bald scalp area. Hair transplant was on my mind but I was scared about the treatment. I consult many clinics, but the cost of the procedure was much more than expected.
I visited many clinics Platinum Hair Centre was one of them. The clinic is best one from the term of results, patient comfort, and the quality of services. I had to graft 6000 follicular grafts placed in two day period. The procedure was painless to what I assumed. Now, 7 months after the procedure, I am happy with the results and strongly recommend Platinum Hair Centre for anyone looking for a reliable and quality hair transplant.
Mr. Gurdeep Singh, Ahmedgarh

Hi I am Rohit Dhingra, doing MBA in lovely professional university. I was interested for HT but was not finding suitable centre. I came to know about the new technique with 100 percent results through ad in newspaper and contact Dr. Jasjit Virk. I met him next day,he convinced me for HT. During procedure I remained very relaxed and comfortable. Dr. Jasjit Virk is very expert in his field and his staff is very polite and cooperative.I have almost regained my hair and natural look. I would sincerely like to thank whole Platinum Hair Centre.
Rohit Dhingra

Hi guys, this is Danis. Before coming here I was scared a lot because one of my friend said “they will shave of your head (back side) and they I’ll do stitches after that etc… but after coming here there is no such kind of things to scare. It’s a very new technology with new equipments and overall experience here is very good. I suggest people who has going to do hair transplantation they can go without hesitation. Thanks Platinum Hair Centre.

The surgery was painless and the treatment done in the atmosphere was very conductive. Next day after treatment I was on my work, which was positive point for me. But now, after six months my hairs are natural looking. Overall the procedure was simple and the results were also good. I regain my confidence level and image in society as well.
S. Dravida Mani

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