What is the hair density you can get from an FUE hair transplant:-

Apr 13, 2017

Hair loss can be troubling time for many people, as they notice their full head of hair beginning to fade away. A hair transplant can certainly help to rectify the situation, by helping to restore the hair that has been lost and to reduce the appearance of balding. We have noticed many people wondering about how much hair density a hair density a hair density a hair transplant can give, when considering investing in a procedure. As such, we’d like to offer an insight into the maximum hair density an FUE hair transplant can provide.

When undergoing an FUE hair transplant, your surgeon will remove individual hair follicles, one at a time from a time fuller area of your hair, to the transplant area. Although an FUE hair transplant is more costly than other procedures, it is less likely to cause scarring, which makes it a more a more interesting   choice or some.

The question on many people’s lips! The truth is, the density from  hair transplant depends on number of factor. The severity of your hair loss, your age and the reason for your hair loss will all impact your hair transplant results. That being said, an FUE hair transplant uses the latest technology in the industry, and will give you and your hair the best possible chance for recovery.

The no of grafts implanted:-

The number of follicular units your surgeon chooses to use will greatly impact how dense your hair transplant will be, once it has fully recovered. Upon consultation, your surgeon will take into consideration the extent of your balding, as well as how many follicles to distribute throughout the area.

In our society all are different;-

As everyone is different here, the same can be said for your hair. The density of one individual’s hair transplant may not be the same as your own. You can usually expect your hair transplant to reach a density of 30 -35% of your natural hair density, if not more, there’s no telling for sure of how thick your hair will grow once it has had time to recover.

What can be said however,, is that a hair transplant can work wonders for hair loss, no matter what density it reaches. With an  FUE hair transplant, you can work wonders for hair loss, by returning your locks to as much of their natural look at possible.

If you are going through a hair transplant, or have questions about hair transplant density, feel free to book a consultation with our special doctor S. Jasjit Singh Virk, who will feel happy   to offer professional advice on your own needs and wants.


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