A layman understanding of various aspects of hair transplant procedure

Mar 22, 2024

Taking hair as granted is the mistake most of you commit. Like your mental and physical health, you need to take care of hair. Young people are losing hair at an alarming rate, causing baldness. It results in low confidence and mental fatigue. But you can recover from this situation. You must have heard about hair transplant services in various places, especially in Punjab. There are clinics that specialize in rigorous medical tweaks to grow hair on you scalp. It is arguable the most effective way to prevent baldness. But it is suggested to discuss the matter with a hair transplant expert or a dermatologist.

Hair transplant in a nutshell
What is a hair transplant process? Fundamentally, it is a surgery that relocates hair from the healthy region of your scalp to a location with less dense or no hair. The popularity of hair transplant is growing in leaps and bounds each day, with more people lining up for a thorough clinical treatment. Over the years, the techniques for hair transplantation have developed substantially with emergence of advanced technology in the field. The well-know Hair Transplant clinics are well-equipped with such technology that makes the whole process economical, less intimidating and convenient.

The specific technology and methods
In the first session, the doctor discusses the issue of hair transplant with you. He assesses the extent of surgery required on you scalp. In the second session, the actual process begins. The surgeon initially cleans your scalp. After that, he injects an ampoule of medicine to numb the back of head. There are two methods of hair transplant – Follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) and Follicular unit extraction (FUE). In FUSS, your scalp is carefully operated and tiny grafts of hair are planted on it.

In FUE, the surgeon will completely shave the back of the patient’s scalp, and remove the hair follicles. After that, hair grafts are planted on the affected region. Hair Transplant clinics take about 4 to 8 hours to conduct the whole process.

Practical expectations
It is necessary to be patient to see the positive results. The doctor may suggest you some medications in stipulated dosage. For 24 to 48 hours, you might have to wear a bandage around your operated scalp. You can return to work in 4 days. After 2 to 3 weeks of surgery, the transplanted hair on your scalp will fall out. You will notice new growth of tiny hair tufts after a few months. Some doctors also suggest the hair-growing medicine called minoxidil to accelerate hair growth after transplantation.

Treatment costs
The expenditure for the transplantation process varied from clinic to clinic. If you visit a reputed clinic, the cost can be around 2 lakh rupees. In case of an ordinary clinic, it can be lesser than a lakh. The area of the scalp that will undergo the treatment is also a factor for calculation of costs.