The various Hair Transplant methods and the way doctors perform them

Feb 02, 2024

Losing hair is going to affect one’s personality but can also bring about the changes in one’s confidence. This is where professional clinics of surgeries step in for transplanting hair. There are many modern procedures. Since the past few years, boundless revolutionary modifications have surfaced in the sphere replacing hair. Initially desires results could not be achieved without scarring but now times have changed. You can have a great outcome without any complications, pains, or scars. 

Surgery for hair transplant 

Hair Transplant surgery is a medical process basically in which the surgeons remove small hairpieces bearing the grafts of scalp from the area of the donor. These grafts are relocated to the head’s bald area. If anyone is facing a baldness problem, then step forward because clinics can help you with the best solutions. The team comprising of proficient surgeons having many years of wisdom and experience has seen and treated indications of all kinds. These surgeons have all the understanding you want because they handle all sorts of complications and signs and have thus delivered satisfactory results. The doctors take into account the needs of a patient before beginning a procedure and then make action plans based on it.

Procedures of hair restoration 

When you choose the best Hair Transplant clinic, you put your trust in the world-class surgeons that possess more than two decades of experience in the field. They perform various procedures of hair restoration on both women and men across the world. Whether one is visiting the website for eyebrow or beard restoration, male-pattern baldness or treating loss of hair in women; stay assured that experienced doctors will treat you to the best of their abilities. 

Hair transplant types 


FUT is an acronym for follicular unit transplantation. This technique helps in hair removal from a donor in follicular units or clusters in strips. Surgeons reallocate these strips to the head’s bald area. Thereon, the groups that have been newly transplanted replicate the natural growth of hair in the scalp’s recipient area.


FUE is the extraction of the follicular unit. It is a prominent hair restoration method, and in this procedure, each follicle is removed individually from the patient’s donor area. The removed area gets transplanted into the area that has undergone thinning. A significant benefit of a procedure like this has to be the fact that there are no linear scars. Furthermore, you get no stitches, so the donor’s region is going to be hardly noticeable within the week of the undergoing treatment. 

Performing FUE

A surgeon uses a tiny instrument for making micro-circular incisions around a follicular unit for isolating the graft. This instrument has a diameter of one millimeter. After the extraction of graft, surgeons make preparations for the transplant process. Each follicle comprises of four to one hair. It is laced with hi-tech technology and assures that follicular graft remains in an optimal condition. Follicular grafts placement reflects artistic and natural difference. 

The benefits 

You have no stitches after the process s over and the donor region is clean. The results are permanent and appear naturally. This technique is minimally-invasive, practical, and modern.