The sequential steps for hair transplant you should be aware of

Apr 12, 2024

The demand for hair transplant services is growing across the world. The simple reason is more and more people are growing bald due to increasing pollutions, adulterated food, and a lack of discipline in lifestyle, hereditary factors etc. You should rely on a reputed hair transplant clinic if you decide to cure hair thinning and baldness. Many of you might have tried several drugs and home-made medications, but of no avail. Hair transplantation services provide you the perfect solutions to your mental stress and woes about losing hair. Continue reading to know about the sequential steps of transplantation procedures.

The initial preparation
The initial stage involves shaving of the scalp. The hair follicles from the back of your head are removed by the surgeon. He relocates the follicles to specific balding areas of your scalp, a common procedure followed in Hair Transplant Punjab clinics. 

Trimming of donor area
The area that donates hair follicles to the scalp portion that has thinning hair is called the donor area. The doctor trims the donor area in the initial stages of the transplant surgery. It is mandatory to trim the donor area as a part of the transplantation process in all the Hair Transplant clinics.

Preparing the donor area
The doctor uses local anaesthesia to make you donor area of the scalp numb. Mostly, he injects the medicine to temporarily erase the feeling of sensation.

Tissue removal
The donor area having baldness-resistant hair follicles is the main focus region for the surgeon in the first half of the operation. He removes tissue from the area surgically from its surface. In the next step, your donor area is sutured.

Hiding the sutures
The patient’s hair combed over the sutures to hide the marks. The doctor removes the sutures about ten days post the hair transplantation surgery.

Follicular unit grafts
The next step is extremely critical for both the surgeon and the patient. An experienced studies the donor tissue under a microscope and dissects it. It is a vital process for preparing hair grafts from follicular units.

Preparing the balding region
In the following step, your balding region is duly prepared to make it ready to receive the grafts. 

Incisions in the affected region
The surgeon performs tiny incisions on the affected region of your scalp. They most have an irregular pattern across your head surface. The previously prepared follicular unit grafts are placed in the recipient area of your scalp.

Placing grafts according to densities
The front of the hairline receives smaller grafts. The surgeon places the denser hair grafts behind.

After the transplant surgery
Immediately after the transplantation process has been completed, you could observe on the mirror tiny incisions of short tufts of hair on the operated area of the scalp.

The conclusive step
The last step involves the natural healing of the incision marks and the redness on the recipient area. It will take about a week.

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