Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow transplantation surgical procedure

Jun 08, 2017

Eyebrow transplantation for thin eyebrows is a surgical procedure to restore hair density to brow areas. The results are impressive that look very natural if it is done correctly and blended well with existing hair. This surgical treatment procedures are performed that improves growth most usually done using the same technique like Follicular Unit Extraction method, it is the carefulness used by your doctor for creating the recipient zone for hair transplant in specific direction and angles of hair growth which requires significant skill. Years of plucking, threading or other hair removal hair treatments in different age factor, if these pretty pair of brows that frame your face start to thin, it can make you feel self conscious whenever you notice it in the mirror. Though makeup, pencils and tattoos help to fill in brows however these things will actually stay for small time and always a time consuming effort which even looks unnatural and can further cause permanent damage to your hair follicles. Hairs of our eyebrows are different from those on the other parts of your body.

The actual shape of your brow can change notably as you age and probably get thin which affects your looks. When you go through eyebrow follicle transplant process to improve fullness, the different notions are taken into consideration such as curve and thickness on your face so the experience isn’t just about understanding hair. It depends on surgeon who plans for an outline of your shape to determine eyebrows proportions as aesthetic designing that best compliments the rest facial features.

It is also based on patients describe their expectations and surgeons best collect knowledge of professional artist’s eye for beauty to achieve incredible results for patients and long term growth. It might generally require 50 to 100 hair grafts but can be as many as 400 grafts for each brow during the entire procedure and it may take time unto 5 or 6 hours for transplantation.  The recovery time for this procedure is typical 2 days to 7 days and the small crusts will start to grow around the surrounding hair at first week and then slowly-slowly your skin recovers to natural appealing. After the procedure of hair restoration you can go to job after three days yet it takes a bit long to see the final results that can be expected at 10 months as it is a natural process of growing. When performed effectively, hair restoration procedure is relatively straightforward. It depends on what method you feel you want and the doctor tell grafts to be required for the amount of thickness to cover a scar or a full restoration to fill eyebrows. The practice can involve typically transplantation of around 50 to 350 hair grafts per eyebrow, with each graft containing one or two hair follicle units.

The primary things to figure out the design or the brow shape you want. Majority of patients take some oral sedation following the injection of wand so that there would be no discomfort. Hairs used for transplantation of eyebrow are usually taken from the back of the head by the FUE technique yet the choice you take with the help of doctor regarding the type of your hair, goals and concerns will help you decide on the best treatment option for you. Under magnification, the grafts for eyebrow hair transplant are prepared to implant in the recipient area. On the whole, the decision as to restoration procedure will be determined by you and the doctor.

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