Washing hair instructions after hair transplant treatment

Apr 29, 2017

A patient after hair transplant surgery must be confused with many types of questions like how my looks change after transplantation treatment, how many days after the surgery  I am taking care of the hair? We don’t need to worry about these questions. Every hair transplant clinic has their own instructions to wash the hair after the surgery. Surgeon gives advice how you have wash the hair after hair transplant. It is necessary for proper washing the hair after the hair restoration. There are different ways of hair wash that depends on the treated area and grafts of the patient. The first day of hair transplant surgery do not wash hair at all. If it is possible visit your hair transplant clinic for proper hair wash.


You have must wash their scalp, after the 48 hours of surgery, but cannot take shower for 7 to 10 days for that part where the hair transplant treatment appears. Do not apply the massage over the transplanted hair at this point. It is apply only for 15 minutes duration over the hair. Patience is important and don’t force anything more over the hair.  Gradually, you can make your way back to your normal hair-washing routine. It is always first priority of the patient that he takes a suggestion with their doctor.  It is always better doctor gives you right instructions then you will follow this. The aftercare instructions must be understood well and if it is not clear, your Doctor would be able to simplify the instructions and this can determine your results. You can easily take a treatment and adjust their budget with hair transplant cost in phagwara.

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