Hair transplantation a solution to the baldness:-

Mar 09, 2017

Mostly all men and women who have androgenic or inherited pattern, our baldness can be treated with hair transplantation. As in all other elective cosmetic surgeries, the most important patient selection in hair transplantation is the individual’s motivation. Results of hair transplant are usually most dramatic when the procedure is performed on individuals with advanced degrees of loss of hair.

Hair transplantation may not be the most effective therapy for some medical causes of loss of hair is important, especially in women, in whom non-genetic etiologies for the hair loss are more common than men. There are varieties of conditions can be successfully treated with hair transplantation. Scarring of the scalp due to trauma or surgery and hair loss is due to traction can be repaired with hair transplantation, finally hair transplantation can used to restore hair to the eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, moustaches. Today individuals are motivated to undergo hair transplantation. Some doctors conduct formal psychological evaluation by means of lengthy questionnaires and decide to undergo the planned procedure. A patient who has realistic motivations and expectations before is likely to be happy before the procedure is likely to be happy after the procedure. In teenage there are many persons who are very self-conscious about their hair styles and hair loss because most of their peers still have full heads hair. These all holds unrealistic expectations, desiring hairlines according they want in youthful hairline that will not be appropriate as they age. In both men and women may be deemed candidates for hair restoration surgery as long as their donor area is able to yield a sufficient number of hair follicles to address the projected recipient area. A history of family in hair loss depends on both parents.

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