Hair transplantation procedure includes different steps

Dec 04, 2023

In present days hair transplant surgeries have become advanced. It has made the process very easy, affordable, and efficient with some signs. Let’s discuss about some imperative things included in hair transplant surgery.

What causes it and how is it done?
Androgenic alopecia is present among men and women that is a major reason of this problem. These are referred as male and female hormones. It is done with the FUE follicular unit extraction and FUT follicular unit transplantation. Both are performed differently. FUT consumes less time than FUE. Hair follicles are taken from donator site and pasted to the bald areas that are known as receiver site. 

Kind of hair loss and age factor
In men this problem starts in the age of 20s, 30s, and 40s where as in women it is find in the age of 40s and 50s. It is clearly seen among men and in women thin hair lining is seen. 

Different reasons for hair fall
Genetics – heredity is most common cause responsible for hair loss androgens are mostly inherited from mother and father. It is not a disease only a genetic factor.

Medicines– if you are consuming extra pills like birth control or for any other infection then it results in loss of hair.

Hormone and stress– hormones and stress are other two major reasons find in men and women.

Poor diet– if you are not taking enough nutrients including proteins and vitamins then you will suffer from hair fall. If you take care of these steps in advance then you can protect yourself from becoming a patient of hair fall.

Hair growth cycle
Hair grows by undergoing three main cycles first is Ana gen phase. With this phase hairs grow continuously from two to six years. Second is Cat a gen phase in this follicle start shrinking but hairs are still present. It is followed by shedding phase that continues up to three to five weeks. In this phase 10 to 15 % of follicles of hair are seen on young and healthy scalp.    

What to do after surgery?When your surgery gets over, follow the instructions given by your doctor. Take medicines on time and avoid things that he prescribed you from time to time. Take care of your hair like cleaning or doing as per doctor advice.

There are many surgeons or doctors present so choose doctor after getting best reviews from internet as well as you can ask your friends or relatives.

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