Hair Transplant – Is it a permanent solution?

Nov 24, 2023

Are you facing hair loss due to the action of androgens? Androgens are also referred to as the male hormones. They interact with specific receptors which are located on cell membranes. The hair follicles may be affected by different forms of the androgen hormone. Even you will find that these very same hormones may have an impact on the various areas of the skin in different ways. Depending on the type of loss of hair you should select the treatment of your choice.

Consider the following factors
If your hair loss is not of a temporary nature, then it will need a permanent solution. Long lasting results can be obtained with hair transplant surgery. If you want to go in for such a treatment, then it is a huge decision. You have to consider various aspects. You should select the right clinic for the procedure.

Is hair transplant necessary in your case?
You may have come across the term elective surgery. This procedure is not required to be performed if you are not comfortable with the idea and is not a medical emergency. It is only if this matter is becoming stressful for you to handle then you should seek the intervention of an expert. They will make you aware of the availability of the treatment options.

What is the leading cause of hair loss?
There are numerous causes responsible for hair loss. First of all identification of the reason is essential. Hereditary pattern baldness is a common issue faced by a vast majority of the men. It is also commonly referred as androgenic alopecia. Restore your hair and get a permanent solution at hair transplant Punjab.

What is the role of age in this procedure?
If you are in your early twenties, it is hard to identify by the experts about the pattern of your baldness. Receiving treatment on a patch of thinning crown may lead to a dense growth in a specific area whereas the other spots recede. This will give you an unnatural look. For obtaining a natural look with hair transplant Punjab, the applicant should be at least thirty years of age.

What is the pricing structure of this treatment?
The process involves the utilization of skilled technicians and experts. The team will not only consist of doctors but nurses and technicians too. The pricing of the procedure is going to be considerable. If you are considering the price as the only deciding factor, then you should think of other options. You should never go in for low-cost procedures and end up with disastrous consequences.

Decide wisely
You should choose the surgeon and the clinic with due diligence. It is a wise idea to invest a lot of effort while conducting detailed research on the internet. Such a step will ensure that you end up with the right clinic. Get in touch with some of the leading clinics. Set up an appointment with a surgeon and have a detailed talk with him about the availability of various options.