Traveling Advice for Hair Transplant Operation

Nov 13, 2023

Due to heavy internet information available and cheap flights ready to travel for medical procedures it sure has become attractive globally for patients to travel from all over the world.

Considering low cost hair transplant destinations, many patients travel abroad but are unaware of the following;

Note these kinds of treatments are generally unregulated worldwide, due to which many commercial clinics are in operation with the motive of profit and not patient care.

Such clinics have substandard work so execute hair transplants that easily cannot be repaired, hence limiting the amount of donor hair in their future.

Keeping in mind of the above said preference must be given not just for cheap hair transplant deals or offers but for the following;

Check qualifications of your transplant surgeon who will do your surgery. It is necessary to know about the experience and skill of that particular surgeon overseeing your procedure.

Moreover questions can be asked on their results of work or other questions like how you will look post the procedure or will bandages appear, associated redness, swelling, numbness, clean environment and etc. Clinics having poor hygiene can jeopardize transplanted hairs and are difficult to treat in the future.

There are endless question involved in this procedure, so don’t hesitate to query them because it is for your own good. A poorly carried out transplant may result in losing more non transplanted hairs which later can start to look unnatural.

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure and its post-operative period is just as equally important like the procedure itself. So we advise all to take their time out when they desire to undergo hair transplantation surgery. Try to visit number of hair transplant centers to carry more and more information so to develop a sense of confidence before having the surgery. All the Best