Scar on Head? Get an FUE Surgery to Get Rid of It

Nov 09, 2023

People don’t like scars, it’s true. Especially the visible ones, and typically everyone tries to cover them up. But no one is perfect. Our flaws emotional and physical are unique in their own aspect.

Scars can be said as an imperfection that’s very difficult to cover. There are many people with scars, easily unconcealed on their body, like the one the head.

The scar on the head causes hair to grow less due to this imperfection. And in reality it’s not that easy to get rid of a scar.

But this problem can be solved via Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant procedure, where single follicular unit grafts are collected at a single go with the help of a tiny punch ranging from 0.7 to one millimeter in size. Individual follicular unit grafts refer to hair groupings involving 1 to 4 hairs that occur by default on the scalp. These default units are next transplanted to the site of scar tissue, which finally allows hair to appear where it was impossible to grow.

These types of scar treatments are completed within a single day. And that a patient can undergo while being completely awake, with no need for anesthesia to be given. Also the healing takes not much time, just few days. The associated swelling and redness reduces with hair follicles taking the skin.

Covering up scar tissue is an increasingly popular option with the help of FUE hair transplants besides growing hair naturally. So have a scar on head then undergo an FUE surgery to get rid of it.