Woman’s Hair Fall Affair

Feb 03, 2018

Rising baldness and research done on hair transplant has convinced the surgeries viability and efficacy. But here we describe the reason when woman with shiny, beautiful and healthy hair loses its crowning glory. The faces of woman having hair showing a symbol of femininity and priceless asset is the proud of her. But all over the world women suffer from the heartbreaks of hair fall losing handful of strands everyday day.

There are 1 to 1.5 lac strands of hair present where 90% grow in a phase called the anagen phase that last for 2 or 3 years. Post anagen stage, hair follicle lessens in catagen phase. The final stage called the telogen phase results in full hair fall. Normally everyday people lose 50-100 strands of hair and over 250 strands when their hair is washed. Abnormal hair loss is noticed when too many hair strands are found on the comb or hair thinning that shows easy visibility on head and scalp.


Stress is an important factor that takes toll on a woman’s daily activity of work/social life on health. Hairline recedes mostly on men in relatively rare to a woman. But today’s world shows infinite number of issues for woman. These infinite issues involved enhance a normal head of on a women’s hair.

The many reasons that affect female hair are known as stressors. These stressors make physiological changes in body that leads to hair loss. Following are the type of stressors;

  • Metabolic stressors: happen due to deficiency of iron, vitamin D or body infection, etc.
  • Hormone misbalance: PCOD, menopause, low estrogen level post childbirth, thyroid problem cause imbalance further to hair loss.
  • Emotional problems: where crisis like financial, career, loss of a family member, divorce, etc. affects body processes of sleep and growth.
  • Drugs: Anti-fungal pills, contraceptive pills, etc. lead to women hair loss.
  • Self Knowledge: Staying on a low-calorie diet or tying hair very tightly starts stage of alopecia.

The said stressors take several months to show its effect causing hair loss. Many counter medications or supplements are available that one takes, but it is advised to visit a doctor before one loses significant amount of hair. This way early hair fall development can be detected and treated with control. Further the doctor can advise to conduct a transplant with success rate matching the concern of an individual’s hair loss.

Finally change in lifestyle can reduce the level of stressors spread. A good diet with proper sleep protects crowning glory of woman which helps her scale many new heights unknown.