When you should choose Hair Transplant

Dec 05, 2017

Hair transplant is the permanent solution to bring your natural hair back. Hair transplant makes a person feel better and boosts their confidence. Although before it starts, you should know about the procedure and some other factors:

  1. Do a background check of your surgeon and his skills, medical qualification etc. At Platinum hair center, Dr. Jasjit Singh Virk is MBBS, MS, MCH.
  2. The type of hair transplant technique used by your surgeon. If surgeon is new to FUE hair transplant technique, there can be more chances of hair root damage. A surgeon performing FUT hair transplant, should be well trained with follicle dissection to minimize the follicle transaction. A microscope is used, magnification loupe is preferred to implant hair follicles. We ensure performing FUE and FUT procedure with excellent result delivery.
  3. The clinic should be air conditioned to maintain the temperature. There should be sufficient power backup. Low room temperature is essential for hair transplantation to prevent the follicle damage.
  4. Determine the cost of per hair or per hair follicle units or per square inches. Also check for the density of transplanted hair. Be realistic for the result that you will receive. There are clinics that make false claims to confuse you. You should remember some necessary factors:
  • Hair transplant is permanent when the donor hairs are chosen from the safe area of scalp. Or you can take a medical treatment for the nominal loss.
  • Hair transplant increases the hair density but it wont be same as like of your original density.
  • Discuss your medical history with your hair transplant expert. Explain the diseases and medicines you took earlier or are taking.
  • Hair transplant takes three to four months to start the natural hair growth
  • To receive the complete result, you should wait for eight to ten months
  • In few hair transplant sessions, you may need to visit the clinic for more than once. It happens when baldness is extensive and you need to cover larger area.
  • Smoking affect the result of hair transplant

A professional hair transplant comes with final result of making patients happy. The result is obvious and there doesn’t appear to be any problems. An expert hair transplant surgeon understands the concerns of his patients. For your peace of mind, you can also ask for before and after treatment photos to see the difference.