Hair Transplant Cost – Get the Best Hair Transplant Prices

Nov 14, 2017

Hair transplant cost is determined by a wide variety of factors. Hair transplant costs depend upon the hair restoration surgeon’s experience, technique, and location. While the price of your hair restoration isn’t the most important consideration when you’re choosing where to have your hair transplantation performed, it is a significant financial investment. Hair transplant cost is higher in countries where other medical treatments are expensive – like the U.S. and Canada – and less in countries where health costs are lower generally – like Mexico, Eastern Europe and Thailand.  Hair Restoration Prices don’t always reflect quality. But there is also another factor that plays a big part in determining hair transplant prices:  That’s the marketing acumen of the hair transplant clinic where the surgeon works. The fact that a hair transplant surgery is expensive doesn’t mean it’s good.  In fact, many of the high profile hair transplant clinics charge top rates – they need to, to pay for their marketing – but their surgeons are employees without the experience or status to work out of their own practices.

At the high profile hair transplant clinics, while they may feature a doctor of considerable technique and experience in their marketing materials, the doctor who performs your hair restoration will likely be just starting out.  Hair restoration prices don’t necessarily reflect the experience or ability of the surgeon.  High hair transplant prices don’t always mean high quality results. High hair transplant cost is not necessarily the best indicator that you’re getting an experienced hair transplant surgeon. Hair transplant surgeons usually price their services on a per graft basis, with the cost of grafts going down depending upon how many grafts you have done at your session. The more you have done at one time, the cheaper the price per graft. The price of grafts is typically cheaper the more grafts you have done. Hair restoration prices reflect the amount of hair you need restored, as well as the cost per graft of the surgery.

If you’re considering having hair transplant surgery it’s important to see a qualified hair restoration doctor as soon as possible. In fact, even if you’re only in the beginning stages of baldness, it’s a good idea to see a hair restoration surgeon.  That’s because they can give you advice about how to keep the hair you have. So try to see a hair restoration doctor as soon as possible to learn what you have to do to get your hair back and keep it. Hair transplant Punjab Centre at Platinum hair centre offers hair transplant procedures using follicular unit grafts, which involves transplanting hair from donor areas to your balding areas.  And remember – the sooner you see a hair restoration specialist the sooner you’ll be on your way to getting a great permanent hair restoration. A good hair transplant doctor will realistically explain your likely results. It’s still worth seeing the doctor, though, as he may have many suggestions to combat your hair loss and preserve the hair you have.

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