People’s choice for Hair transplant

Sep 06, 2017

Hair transplant is a delicate surgical method for most HT procedures, it is best to do research to have a hair transplant at best place for optimal results. Several new developments of techniques and diagnostic equipment have been made in the areas of medical practices and healthcare services and so modern day hair transplants involve easier dissecting process, extraction of the hair follicle and finally the wound closure.

India is the most generous nation for hair restoration methods because of the cost factor when compared to other developed countries like the USA, UK and Europe. India accounts for approx 75% cheaper in comparison to these economically developed nations. With proper care and service, hair restoration process is performed by experienced topmost surgical technicians in India. Therefore every year several people come to India to get the best hair transplant results. In major cities of India, there are many reputed centers and destinations available for high quality hair restoration services.

Evolution of HT technique and other advances in the medical services of hair transplantation have made India as an ideal tourist hub for medical tourism. Here there are many trained surgeons who provide high quality hair transplant services at the most economical cost and help achieve best results. India has become the first destination for national and international people to get the cosmetic surgery. The country specializes in quality hair loss solutions with renowned clinics and experienced doctors.

As tourists are keen to know about the India’s rich socio-culture norms and backgrounds, they experience the value of clients, guests, and patients when they opt for hair transplant. Indians’ code of conduct “atithi dewo bhawa” prescribes “the guest is equivalent to god” whether these aththis are tourists as guest clients for surgeries, or any visitor from overseas travelling to the country to explore. India pays kind consideration to hair transplant patients with their proper facilities throughout the procedure time. There are many excellent affordable centers with well-qualified surgeons have been listed in the top ranked clinics of India for hair restoration services.

India is the preferred destination of cost effective hair transplant procedures from the last 8 or 10 years and foreigners seek to get the best treatments. The painless procedure FUE Follicular unit extraction is by far the most superior hair transplant method that offers you fast recovery and yields natural looking hair outcomes with permanent solution of your hair loss. The experienced hair surgeon must be able to analyze each individual follicular unit for implantation into the bald areas. Generally FUE costs around Rs. 30,000/ to 1 lakh per session. You will be pleased to know that the cost in India for modern hair transplant techniques has come down significantly in recent years.


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