Medical tourism for hair transplant in India

May 22, 2017


Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) is a pattern hair loss condition and quite presenting symptom which affects males and females and represents baldness of the scalp or receding hairline and in women as the proof of thinning hair. It begins from above the temples and progress further to the back of the scalp or the total hair loss. The common reasons behind are they includes genetic and hormonal hair problems. And in India, the HT procedures are quite popular since it is cost effective to get and make available treatment options. This is why medical tourism packages are provided by several HT clinics with well qualified surgeons who setup the facilities for foreign customers. Particularly, overseas patients are attracted to Punjab for its amazing medical facilities, infrastructure and advanced methodologies.

India is the prime choice as sophisticated destination of innovative proven treatment for medical tourism. Hair has always been a crowning glory of a person’s beauty and self-assurance. In India, there is high class of multiple hair restoration clinics situated with its best infrastructure and technology, thus India has some of the best hospitals and treatment host country in the world because of providing best facilities & conveniences to patients. The main reason is that it is famous as medical tourism due to its cost effectiveness. And it has proved to be the cost efficient destination for good health care processes. There are many proofs that India is counted among the renowned western countries for its medical treatments like dental process, eye treatments and hair transplant or hair restoration.

In different countries like Canada, there sometimes unable to provide on the spot quick service for the process related to healthcare.  Sometimes public health service providers are unable to process non-urgent medical services. Under such critical times there is an option as lucrative that they choose medical services from other nations. After that they choose the best option in treatment as well as the fair in pocket. People pay more cost for their treatments in their homeland. Here some low cost countries like Thailand, Philippines, and India are best options for them as in these countries the cost is quite reasonable than many times in other so called developed countries as they pay in their homelands.  As we talk about India there are best facilities in private hospitals in India and have good reputation for that in all around the world. India is considered in top three countries in Asia that receive maximum medical tourists because of owing low costs.

India is known mostly for less cost medical treatments with high standard in heart diseases, problems related to bones, kidney transplants, brain related problems MRI’s, neurological surgeries, dentist and so as in hair transplant treatments and even many times lesser cost is charged as compared to western countries.

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