No-scar technique in Hair Transplant Surgery:-

Feb 28, 2017

Mostly people who are researching hair transplant surgery will know that grafts differ in hair content. Some are single hair grafts, some 2/3 hair grafts, 4/5 and even 6 hair grafts. The main thing is all these were in F.U.E.  They were offering, wondering why they had purposefully equated 2000 grafts to 4000 hair. The process that every surgeon and doctor worth their salt conducts.

They and their assistants take time to search for the grafts with the bigger numbers of hair. To ensure their patients achieve as much volume as is possible. A treatment had stipulated 2 hairs per graft. It means 2000 grafts = 4000 hairs like it is a positive that seems like it is a great value. In reality it is a lowest harvest that one would expect from 2000 grafts.

When F.U.E procedure first became an option the international society of hair restoration gave the average content o the Follicular Unit as 2.1 hairs. There are many patients who have run out donor grafts, leaving body hair grafts as their only alternative. In fact, the problem recently when I had my own hair transplanted after losing the remainder of my own, retained “natural” due to a recent illness.

To save time and money some of the doctors have abolished one of the single and important benefits of FUE they have replaced this process. They have replaced this process with Hoc extraction to save time. They are simply the grafts out of the scalp like plucking Chicken! No records of hair content. No planned usage o bigger grafts for maximum volume?

Nothing, but just the 4000 hairs! No wonder there are performing the ‘recognized method of FUE includes selecting the bigger grafts to ensure our patients our patients receive the optimum volume their donor hair density/ volume allows.

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