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Feb 22, 2017

Are you searching for a Vegas Hair Transplant doctor to fix your thinning hair? Do you want Certified Surgeon, VIP treatment at an affordable price? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Jasjit Singh Virk (MBBS, MS, MCHT) a young and a dynamic surgeon hair transplant specialist who peruse his training from the best hair transplant institute in Germany. Our all doctors work for 100% client satisfaction. Platinum hair transplant’s foundation was laid down in 1980 with lots of enthusiasm.
When we most think about hair transplant we only think about hair on head or we can say baldness on head. However there isn’t only on the top of head that people suffer from the thins or balding. Many persons have difficulties in growing facial hair, from moustaches and goatees to beards and sideburns. And millions more men and women have their eyebrows that don’t grow properly.
Sadly though, a lot of men have hairs that come too thin, overly patchy, or it doesn’t grow in at all. For these men, hair transplant is an option. At Platinum hair transplant facial hair transplant is similar to traditional scalp transplantation. During treatment, donor hair is extracted from the back or sides of head when transplanted to the appropriated sides on the face.
These are part of hair transplantation experts layout the recipient sites with a grease pencil to ensure that the new hair will look completely natural. One of the best benefits to hair transplantation is that results last for the lifetime. Once the grafts are transplanted, they will continue to grow new hair for as long as you live. For small eyebrows treatment can take three to six hours. These can grow naturally after about three or four months.
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