Taking Medications Cause Hair Loss Too

Feb 07, 2017

Taking drugs can also often have its side effects for the reason of damaging hair through hair loss, and using them, it becomes troublesome to treat. A large number of drugs guaranteeing to provide solutions to certain health conditions have been giving a shocking experience to people’s hair that have made their lives devastated.

The common approach by which drugs attack is that they affect the typical growth cycle of the hair on scalp. The anagen phase, where the hair grows quickly then enters the telogen phase (hair fall) and lets the hair to rests or fall by new growth.

There includes two drug-induced hair loss types; the telogen effluvium and the anagen effluvium.

After using Telogen effluvium around for four months, the hair loss begins as it makes the follicles shift into the resting phase which then falls out prematurely. Normally patients going through this phase lose 100 to 150 hairs around daily.

The Anagen effluvium happens in the anagen phase, where this type of hair loss halts the matrix cells from growing new hairs and from going through their regular dividing process. This loss starts after certain days or weeks of medication intake. Also when people take chemotherapy drugs, the result in a person losing the hair on their head, eyelashes, eyebrows, and other areas of the body is quite severe.

The kind of drug and the size of dosage taken primarily affect the quantity of hair lost, which also shows how sensitive the patient is to the drugs effect.

Some Common Drugs that Cause Hair Loss are;

Chemotherapy drugs

Anti-Fungal Drugs



Acne medications

Anti-clotting drugs

Cholesterol-Reducing Drugs

Restraining Immune System Drugs


Weight Reduction Drugs

Blood Pressure Medications

Hormone Expansive Drugs

Regardless of the cause of hair loss, temporary or permanent, finding the correct hair loss solution that fits you is what Platinum Hair Centre offers with its non-surgical, non-invasive hair replacement treatment solutions.